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  Mini Face Shop Haul + First Impressions and Review
Hey there girls! :)

Finally having the time of day to stop at the Face Shop store in Highpoint Australia, I was slightly disappointed by the lack of items they had and was hoping for more. But then again, Korean/Japanese skincare stores are difficult to find in Australia which sucks for us. The items were definitely overpriced in comparison to other countries and websites such as SASA but I had to suck it up if I wanted some good skincare ASAP.

Wandering around the store, and reading over each of the item's description made my head spin a bit! Each product obviously had a main ingredient that benefits your skin but I just wanted them all! I settled with the Rice Ceramide emulsion and toner, I never heard of it before and was a bit hesitant as the packaging didn't seem too attractive as the others but I have heard good things about rice milk regarding skincare. Although it is more focused towards whitening and aids in protecting the skin as well as fading dark spots. Before heading towards the counter and surprisingly a lady who didn't follow me constantly and advertise products I didn't want or need, I spotted their facial masks section. One mask costs about $3 and eventually choosing the blueberry mask. It is said to be "A highly nourishing mask sheet containing blueberry extract to help regain skin softness and youthful impression." What ultimately led me to the decision of choosing it, is cause of my love for anything blueberry flavoured or scented. ^_^


Starting off with the blueberry mask, when I took it out of it's packaging I did not expect it to be filled with a considerable amount of extract (but I was pleased!) Unravelling the mask was quite difficult as I was afraid to tear it or drop it on the bathroom floor, and I must admit, the mask is quite large. That's saying a lot, as I have a round face and it took a bit of time to adjust it on my face. Fast forward thirty minutes later, I know it says to keep it on for around fifteen minutes but I wanted to make the most out of my mask. Upon taking it off, and after I washed my face. It felt much cleaner (obviously) and softer but nothing that surprised me, I guess it works better for others but for my skin, it did not work wonders. It's not a bad product, and I will certainly repurchase the other masks from their brand. 

Rice Toner + Emulsion

Currently, I am using the cherry the Face Shop cleanser every morning and night which works well for my skin! Now in conjuction, I have added the ceramide rice toner and emulsion to my skincare routine. When I first applied the toner on my face, it didn't give the usual refreshing feeling that you get from most toners and it felt more like you were applying another product on your skin (Don't worry, it's nothing bad!) whilst the emulsion felt like a very light moisturiser on my skin. 
I don't know if anyone else had the same result, but after the first night of application. I woke up with a very oily face, I don't know if it was suppose to make you glow in some way as it is a whitening product but it made my oily-combination skin oilier. I didn't want to waste the product at all and decided to give it one more try, and I was quite impressed after using it a couple of days after! It was weird that the first night I woke up with oily skin, but after continuously using it, it made my face appear more glowing but in a natural way (not how it was the first day!) I can't really say if it has whitened my skin as of yet, but I have no complaints about this product apart from it's packaging. The packaging seems kind of dull in my eyes, and I would probably just walk past it in a store if I didn't read the description. 
Has anyone else used the Face Shop rice ceramide products? What were your first impressions and thoughts on it? I'd be glad to hear your experiences and your thoughts on it! :)

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