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  Korean Skincare
So lately, I have been watching so many Korean dramas like My Princess and variety TV show, Running Man. I have gotten into this Korean hype once again, and obviously am jealous of their perfect skin.

I know it takes a lot of time and products, to get perfect poreless skin as their's. Genetics and diet is also a major part on the reason they even have such great skin but for girls like us (who aren't Korean!) we need to rely on our beauty/skincare products.

Korean cosmetics/beauty products are hard to attain in Australia and buying online is probably your best solution. The best places to buy it from are eBay and (from HK) and I won't be doing any skincare reviews (As of yet!) as the product's I have purchased are still being shipped and I want to test it out before I give you guys my final verdict on them :)

Is there anyone else who is trying to keep up with a Korean skincare regime? and if there are any other good products, kindly recommend them to me :) 

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