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  Recent Obsession: American Apparel.
For over a month now, I have been lusting after the American Apparel high-waisted shorts that have been seen on Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and on several beauty guru's on Youtube. All I was waiting for was the chance for my dad to drive me to the American Apparel store in Chapel Street, Melbourne. No doubt, I already knew the prices it still made me cringe a tad with almost an extra $20 to the price tag in comparison to the American ones although everything in Australia is practically double the cost for everything overseas anyway. 

Quickly grabbing the last pair of my sizes which was usually a 25", I made sure to try on the 24" just in case. I ultimately had my eyes on the medium wash and dark wash denim high-waist cuff shorts and headed out for the fitting rooms. The 24" was such a STRUGGlE to get over my hips and I was afraid it was going to rip at it seams. After a few moments, I finally got it on and it was a bit snug on my waist which I thought was fine till I tried sitting and it was TIGHT. Foregoing that, I tried on the dark wash 25" and it fit PERFECTLY although it was a tad looser I was relieved that I could breathe...
Trying on the medium wash ones though, it felt a bit more snug although it was the same size 25" but still looked great nonetheless. 

Coming home, and considering it was my birthday the same day I checked my email only to find out that American Apparel gave me a coupon code to get 20% off my purchases storewide. At least I only bought one and now I am aware of my sizing when it comes to their shorts. So using my promo code, I decided to purchase a few items such as the American Apparel colour block shorts (24/25"), Denim scrunchie, and one of their belts with $8 shipping. I am contemplating whether to purchase the medium wash as well as I didn't buy it instore and get free shipping if I spend over $100 or just wait for another promo code hopefully at 30% off. What about you guys? I would love to hear about you experiences or thoughts on purchasing American Apparel shorts!

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