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  It's been awhile..
Hey girls,
I know I have been terrible at keeping up to date with blogs which is obvious with my last post being in April/May..So, my sixteenth birthday is coming up so I decided to treat myself to the non retina Macbook Pro 13" purchased from Harvey Norman which is an Australian department store. Not to sound superficial in any way, but I feel like a blogger must always have a Macbook Pro laptop which probably isn't true but most famous bloggers do own one. I am hoping that with the spare time I have these days, I can finally start blogging on a daily basis (fingers crossed!) 

Grasping the box from the salesman gave me a surreal feeling and I was so excited to set it up, I also purchased a hard shell clear case to come with and I have a feeling I am going to be real anal with this making sure it stays in it's perfect condition.
More on the fashion side of things, what is your opinion on the Marc Jacobs neoprene 13' shadow laptop case? I am purchasing it sometime this weekend because a pretty laptop deserves a pretty case to match right? If not, is there any other good macbook cases that you would recommend? 

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