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  Quilted Jackets.
So the other night, I somehow ended up looking at photos of Kylie Jenner's outfits and I saw her style a quilted bomber jacket. I loved how she put the whole outfit together and didn't think too much of buying one till I spotted one at Target today. Yes, I know Target, but mind you I actually love the stuff they sell there. Being fifteen years old, I usually shop at the children's section (don't judge!) and as if it was meant to be, I step inside the department store and all their PVC leather look jackets were $40! Obviously the jacket is nowhere near the quality of leather but it's surprisingly not that bad for its price. One day, I will invest in a genuine leather jacket but for now I will see how I go with styling this one and if it is a clothing piece that I will wear a lot.

Below, I have included a photo that I created from polyvore showing how I would style it and the Kylie Jenner photo that inspired me.

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