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  Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Hey there bloggers,

So Mother's Day is coming up in a few weeks time and I bet most of us are having a hard time finding a present for our mum's...I know I am! I've been to two shopping centres this week and found nothing. I was bummed out because I spent nine hours, yes nine! At the biggest shopping centre nearest to our house...the countless stores I went in, and to no avail came nowhere close to finding my mum anything. So here I am, writing a blogpost on ten of my Mother's Day present ideas to help you girls/guys out..

5. Perfume, Yes I know not so original but makes a great additional present, here are a few of my favourite scents for mothers! 
On the pricier note, Burberry Brit London is a great scent and Issey Miyake personally I'm not a huge fan of the strong floral scent, as I option for more sweeter fresh scents...but everyone has their own favourites!
Other great perfumes are: 
Flora by Gucci, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Omnia Coral Bvlgari, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea/Pretty Hot. 

4. Boots
Now this one night steer a lot of you away as it is a seasonal gift, however in Australia winter is coming up soon and I am pretty sure our mums are wanting a good pair of sturdy and classic boots...With this gift, I suggest taking your mum out on the day to purchase them with you as sizing with shoes are different depending on the styles. 

Hush Puppies sell comfortable classic boots, that I am sure they would love. Novo, Betts shoes, Myer and David Jones are also great places to check them out! 

3. Photo collage/Scrapbook
For the more creative daughters out there, a gift like this is perfect! Definitely print out photos of things you two have done together and insert little quotes/captions on each photo would be so cute!  Keep in mind the amount of time you have left till Mother's Day to do this though!! A word to the wise: the best gifts come from the heart...

2. If your mum is a bit of a technology freak or a nerd, an Ipad Mini, Kindle or IPod nano may be your better options. Although being a teenager, I don't have a salary that can buy my mom something like this at this age, so maybe you can decide to half with a sibling or your dad! Now your mum can take everything she does in one device, like paper works or you better yet you will catch her playing some game from the App Store like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja! 

1. Spend quality time with her..
To start the day off, surprise her with breakfast in bed and perhaps giving her a card saying things like how much you appreciate the things she has done for you, most of all..that you love her! Get ready together for your day out and even have fun styling her outfit or doing her makeup if she is into beauty. To continue on, take her to a restaurant or to a cafe you have never been to before and have your girl to girl talks etc. To end the day, perhaps do something you two will remember for a long time. For example, where I live in Australia there is this place called the Edge where you are on the highest building and you are projected a few metres off the edge of the building like a cubed elevator with glass all around (google skydeck for a better description) and definitely not for people who are afraids of heights, like me! 

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