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♥ Lovely to see you stumble upon my blog, as an aspiring fashion blogger I will give you insight on the world of fashion through my perspective. Also, a look into my life and adventures. Clarissa. 16 y/o.



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  Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart
I must say, her style has evolved quite well over the years and somehow she has managed to keep her street style look I just absolutely adore...I am obsessed with outfits that are basic and look like you didn't put much effort into it but is well put together. Kristen Stewart has got to be my style icon in this situation, she is casual by day but is looking elegant in red carpet events. Her love for sneakers, jeans and just a casual top is something I have been into as well especially seeing her looks all over magazines and online websites...

How about you guys, what do you think of her outfits ?

Kristen Stewart by blogging-inbalenciaga featuring high top sneakers

Cuff bracelet

Betsey Johnson black earrings

Ray Ban ray ban eyewear

Chloé fragrance

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