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♥ Lovely to see you stumble upon my blog, as an aspiring fashion blogger I will give you insight on the world of fashion through my perspective. Also, a look into my life and adventures. Clarissa. 16 y/o.



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  Keepin' It Clean
I am the type of girl who goes through many trends and phases of fashion, but if I ever had to choose one look that I will carry with me forever is the preppy look. Yes, I know it reminds everyone of golfing or rich snobby people but honestly I just love that clean cut look. My blog post is probably inspired by my recent visit to the Tommy Hilfiger store in Australia, it was the first time I stepped in their actual store and not the outlet. Of course, many Australian products or even international ones are always overpriced but I guess we just have to suck it up for the sake of shopping. I picked up three essential polo shirts from Tommy with the end result of a whopping $200! I know it may not seem a lot for some people but comparing the sale prices of it to international stores, it is slightly overpriced. No complaints though, I am hoping to collect all of their different styled polo shirts in all different colours as I live.

Surprisingly, my dad who usually does have a great sense of style was the one handing me articles of clothing to try on and giving me advice on how to wear them. This kind of style (Preppy look) always feels like your go to day to day outfit, that seems casual but has an air of class to it and I know it may not be everyone's style but take it into consideration, these looks will never go out of style. I think of purchasing clothes like these as an investment. The main places to obviously shop for preppy pieces of clothing is Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, I guess there are cheaper alternatives but none would have the same quality as them (obviously).

Are you like me, who really loves the Preppy look? Comment below and share your thoughts guys/girls :)

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