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  Bodycon skirts.

Tube/Bodycon skirts. 

Basically, I am a huge jeans/trousers and leggings type of girl especially pairing it off with an oversized sweater and my Sperry Topsiders is my ideal everyday outfit. Not saying that I don't enjoy wearing shorts or dresses, I just prefer to not wear them on a daily basis. So moving back to my recent love for skirts once again, let me begin.

Today, I walked into a Dotti store which is quite a popular brand in Australia that provides affordable clothes...I would say it is an equivalent to TopShop (Britain) or Forever 21 (USA) though I still highly prefer Topshop in comparison to Dotti. Maybe because we only have two Topshop stores in Australia and I don't shop there as often because it's quite a drive. Getting off track, I was going through their sale items when this golden aztec printed white skirt that caught my eye... I have been meaning to find a bodycon skirt that I could pair up with a lot of my other clothing pieces and it was only $9.95 from $49.95 (STEAL!) Aside from that, I continued searching through their racks and found a black tube skirt covered with studs, I was a bit skeptical with it because it looked quite tacky on the hanger. I don't mean the studs, but the way they designed it all over the skirt...

Once I got into the fitting room (whilst grabbing a plain grey top just to get an idea of how it would look like with a basic shirt) I was amazed. The white skirt fit me like a glove and I loved how elegant it looked, I am a huge basic person who loves to mix and match with patterns or printed pants with a pair of really nice shoes. But most of all, I absolutely loved the black skirt with gold studs all over it! Once you put it on, it hugged the lower part of my body in all the right places and the studs would glimmer in the lighting! It would be the perfect "Night Out" outfit  but you could still dress it down with a plain shirt...Now I am definitely collecting a whole heap of body con skirts and will be pairing them with my loose fitted shirts and oversized sweaters.

If any of you guys have a love for bodycon skirts or purchased one recently and have just fell in love with them, let me know or share you story on the comment section below! :)

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