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♥ Lovely to see you stumble upon my blog, as an aspiring fashion blogger I will give you insight on the world of fashion through my perspective. Also, a look into my life and adventures. Clarissa. 16 y/o.



World of Fashion
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  Bed time!
Cotton On Body is probably my go to store when it comes to sleepwear or intimate pieces of clothing, it is moreso targeted for teenagers such as me and I love how they always come up with cute clothes that are really girly but aren't childish. I know it seems crazy to spend a lot of money on sleepwear sometimes cause honestly, whose going to see it? (unless your a middle aged lady or you have a boyfriend who lives with you or whatever) and thats what people tell me when I spend a huge amount over sleepwear. But to my defense, doesn't it feel good to wear pretty sleepwear that is comfortable as well? I am a huge sucker for sweatpants and sweatshirts, going to sound a bit cliched but I'd rather be chilling in my sweatpants and tie my hair in a bun watching movies all night.

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